Towards a transatlantic partnership of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

This initiative has the objective to promote broader transatlantic partnerships, centred on a new comprehensive concept of Atlanticism that includes Africa and South America as well as Europe and North America. The focus is on an environmental area on which we reached a political consensus on both sides of the Atlantic on the opportunity to provide concrete results and to open the door for further enhanced partnership.

As well as environmental protection, this theme also covers ‘blue growth’ and scientific cooperation, which can inform and support EU policy objectives and also foster international relations.

The European Union has set up this initiative to promote cooperation between managers of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in countries and territories around the Atlantic Ocean, bringing both sides of the Atlantic together in twinning projects. It is designed to stimulate exchange and the sharing of best practice to improve the effective management of MPAs in coastal and offshore areas of the Atlantic.

The European Union is committed to furthering this broader approach to transatlantic dialogue, and has selected MPAs as a focus to pilot this new policy initiative. The project will also contribute to EU commitments to tackle global biodiversity loss, support climate change adaptation, and respond to EU internal policies on the environment, regional cooperation and the maritime dimension.