Actions to improve management and effectiveness of Atlantic MPAs discussed during a workshop

The Second workshop of the MPA Networks Twinning project took place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from 16 till 18 July 2019. The event was organised within the EU funded Transatlantic MPA Networks project and was hosted by the Government of Dominican Republic.

The three-day event gathered the partners from CaMPAM, MedPAN, NAMPAN, RAMPAO and the French Biodiversity Agency. The Transatlantic MPA project was presented by Ms Maria Purificació Canals Ventín, Project coordinador and moderator of the MPA Networks Twinning.

During the workshop the participants exchanged views on the management tools developed by the twinning projects on resilience and marine mammals’ protection. The possible actions on how to influence policies to support effective MPA management and how to jointly mobilize resources for MPA networks activity were also discussed.

The meeting took place at the Ministry of Environment and the partners were welcomed by Mr José Manuel Mateo, Director General of Biodiversity and his team. The event was organized with the support of CaMPAM-SPAW of the Cartagena Convention, partner of the project and crucial actor for MPAs in the Caribbean.

The participants were invited by the Dominican Authorities to visit the National Park of “Los Haitises” where best practices were presented and on the spot discussions were organised.