Guidelines to integrate resilience issues into MPAs management plans discussed during a workshop

The second workshop for the twinning project “MPAs and coastal resilience, coping with rapid changes” was held in Cozumel, Mexico, on 28-30 May 2019. The event was hosted by CONANP Mexico.

The workshop brought together the partners of MPAs and coastal resilience twinning project.

One of the main objectives of the workshop was to assess and discuss the results of the review of Resilience guidelines to integrate resilience issues into MPAs management plans and management effectiveness evaluation. During the last workshop in Florianopolis in November 2018 the partners of the twinning project started building a set of criteria that should have to be considered to increase the resilience of MPAs. More than 20 reviewers have been working on the document and their comments and observations were presented. The partners also prepared the roadmap for the finalization of the document and its presentation.

During the meeting the team was informed about of the developments to come concerning the Transatlantic partnership for MPAs.

The guidelines are expected to be validated during a workshop in September 2019.