Marine mammals

The marine mammals twinning project aims to enhance protection and knowledge of whales in the Atlantic Ocean, with twinning partner organisations from the French Caribbean (Agoa, an MPA devoted to marine mammal conservation), Bermuda (Marine Mammal Sanctuary) and the Azores (Azores Marine Park).

An existing whale protection programme in North America and the Caribbean contributes to improving management of this endangered species, from feeding and nursery grounds in the US Gulf of Maine to breeding and calving areas in the Caribbean. However, there is currently no communication with other areas of whales’ Atlantic range: notably a breeding area near Cape Verde and feeding grounds stretching to the north of Iceland and Norway.

The twinning project will add value by promoting collaboration across this wider area – on research, monitoring and outreach programmes – with the aim to contribute to better protection for whales throughout the Atlantic.

Activities may include:

  • Exchange of technical information, scientific data and practical experiences about marine mammals and their respective habitats;
  • Development of methodologies for whale protection within MPAs;
  • Development, coordination, and evaluation of research and monitoring programs and campaigns, outreach and education programs, enforcement methodology, performance assessments, and community involvement mechanism for marine mammals research and marine protected areas; and
  • Support and facilitation for ongoing – and future – agreements and cooperation.

Twinning Projects Documents

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