Partners of the three twinnings discussed the progress of the Transatlantic MPA project

The partners of the three twinnings within the Transatlantic MPA projects gathered at an intertwining workshop in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, from 10th till 13th September 2019.

The aim of the meeting was to review the progress on the implementation of the activities planned under each of the twinning projects:

  • Cooperation and common strategy between MPA networks of managers in the Atlantic region;
  • MPAs and coastal resilience, coping with rapid changes;
  • Marine mammals’ protection, a way to enhance transatlantic cooperation between MPAs.

The twinning partners were welcomed by Mr. Ricardo Carvalhido, Councillor of the Environment and Biodiversity of Viana do Castelo.  Mr. Daniel van Assche, Project Manager at Foreign Policy Instruments Service, European Commission, presented the EU priorities to tackle Global Challenges regarding Biodiversity and more specifically how to get marine biodiversity higher in the agenda; Climate change; and Ocean governance for save secure and clean oceans.

During the joint and the separate sessions the participants discussed the twinning activities, past and future, the tools developed and the timeline for the next steps.