Resilience twinning

Resilience twinning workshop, July 2017, Gabon

The Resilience twinning project aims to develop cooperation between marine protected areas on the Atlantic rim to boost resilience to coastal changes such as rapid population densification and climate impacts.

Partners in the project include five MPAs: Abrolhos National Park (Brazil), Emerald Ark ecological complex (Gabon), Cozumel Biosphere Reserve (Mexico), Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve (USA) and the Northern Littoral Natural Park (Portugal, part of the a Natura 2000 network site).

This project will examine strategies and approaches developed by the MPAs to respond to changes to their environment due to the growing pressure on resources and assets in coastal zones and to climate change, as well as the role of MPAs in reinforcing the resilience of coastal territories and areas.

It will consider issues to support future management planning, such as:

  • How MPAs can contribute to building resilient coastal territories;
  • Strategies that can be applied to anticipate changes and adapt proactively to cope with these changes;
  • How pressures due to the multiplication of coastal defences and coastal hardening can be managed to protect natural coastal ecosystems; and
  • Which research approaches can be developed to contribute more efficiently to the knowledge on climate change effects.