Transatlantic partnership of MPAs enriched during a workshop

This first workshop of the MPA Networks twinning project was held in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain from 12 to 16 November 2018.

Representatives from the project partners CaMPAM, NAMPAN, MedPAN, Fundación Biodiversidad and French Biodiversity Agency attended and were actively involved in a number of sessions within the MedPAN General Assembly and Annual Workshop of Exchange of Experience.

A new MedPAN strategy was approved during the General Assembly including a big component of cooperation with other regional networks of MPA managers, as well as providing more support to the national networks of MPAs in the Mediterranean for the next five years. It also links the Transatlantic partnership with other MPA networks with the advocacy role of MedPAN in promoting effective management of MPAs and with fundraising.  It was pointed out that before the project there was no mechanism for exchange among the regional of MPA managers facing the Atlantic.

The Joint opening of the Annual Workshop and the Marine Biogeographic seminar of Natura 2000 of the European Commission provided a great framework for the transatlantic partnership exchanges, going from the EU policy level to the actions on the ground in a specific biogeographic region, implemented by MPA managers.

The main issue discussed during the twinning workshop was the implementation of the MPA Networks Common Strategy, elaborated during the first phase of the project; especial focus was given to the sustainable financing of MPA Networks of Managers.

Another topic discussed during the workshop was related to the effective management of small scale fisheries cooperation in the framework of the Common Strategy.

The participants visited the Cabrera National Park, located in the Island of Cabrera, to learn about how is the Small Scale Fisheries activity was integrated.