Marine Regions

A standard list of marine georeferenced place names and areas, coupled with information and maps of the geographic location of these features

Atlantic Future

An EU-funded research project to map trends, perspectives and interregional dynamics between Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Atlantic Action Plan

Website for the EU Atlantic Strategy and Support Team for the Atlantic Action Plan.

Centre for Marine Biodiversity (Canada)

A non-profit society established to enhance scientific capacity in support of the protection of marine biodiversity, with a focus on the Northwest Alantic.

Marine biodiversity: life in seas under threat

European Environment Agency 2010 assessment of marine biodiversity in the EU.

Waterbase – Water Quality

Waterbase – Water Quantity

Waterbase – Emissions

Status of bathing water

Natura 2000 data

Europe’s biodiversity – biogeographical regions and seas


Mesoamerican Reef Fund

Presentation: Mesoamerican Reef Fund – Claudio González

Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean / UNEP Med Action Plan

Presentation: Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean / UNEP Med Action Plan – Daniel Cebrian Menchero

The «Arc d´Emeraude» Facing the urban challenge

Presentation: Gabon’s Arc d’Emeraude – Mathieu Ducrocq

Guatemala – Consejo NAcional de Áreas Protegidas

Presentation: Guatemala CONAP – Hendryc Obed Acevedo Catalan

MPA of Santa Luzia, Branco and Raso

Presentation: Cape Verde – MPA of Santa Luzia, Branco and Raso – Tommy Melo

Mesoamerica Reef Report Cards Produced by the Healthy Reefs Initiative

Presentation: Healthy Reefs Initiative – Mesoamerica Reef Report Cards – Melanie McField

Humpback whale satellite-tracking reveal the connectivity between the Northern Lesser Antilles

Presentation: Saint-Martin satellite tracking of humpback whales Megara project – Romain Renoux

Workshop table discussions – day 1

Presentation: Summary of Kick-Off Workshop table discussions day 1: Understanding the needs, challenges, opportunities and challenges of Atlantic MPA stakeholders

The Mediterranean MPA network

Presentation: Mediterranean Marine Protected Area Network – Marie Romani

NAMPAN for EU Meeting

Presentation: North American MPA Network (NAMPAN) – Lauren Wenzel

CaMPAM: The Caribbean MPA Management Network and Forum

Presentation: Caribbean MPA Management Network and Forum


Presentation: Latin American Networ of coastal and marine protected areas

Mexico Cozumel Protected Area

Presentation: Mexico – Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park – Cristopher Gonzalez

Sustainable Use of Fisheries and Marine Conservaton with Communites

Presentation: Morocco – Sustainable Use of Fisheries and Marine Conservation with Communities – Houssine Nibani

Marine Natura 2000 Network

EU Marine Natura 2000 Network – Vedran Nikolic

Transatlantic MPA Network

Presentation: EU Overseas MPAs and the BEST Scheme – Carole Martinez

Networking in the Atlantic Basin

Power Point Presentation